THE CEO MIND Foundation was founded to ensure the forward progress and sustainability of minority and inner city communities, by utilizing people who actually came from and/or live in those communities.  Our model identifies critical areas and needs in which WE can launch business models or training programs. This will allow for positive change in the conditions of our communities and increased quality of life, found by upward mobility in wages gained, by business ownership, investment and employment.



With a strong belief that if WE want to see the world change for the better; not only must we first evaluate, change and grow ourselves, but we must also do all that we can to positively impact the world around us.

WE believe, that the surroundings in which one grows up has a certain impact on their personal development, which is why we focus our initiatives towards marginalized communities.

WE believe, to positively impact the world, we must begin with our youth!

WE believe that Our community, Our kids and Our future is Our responsibility.



“The mission of THE CEO MIND Foundation is to help build, strengthen, and empower communities that lack the rights, resources, and privileges of other members of society.”



To provide empowerment, engagement, and life solutions for our community through the building of tangible pathways.



To building stronger, more sufficient communities by providing skills and solutions in the areas of  Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math), and Humanitarian Services.