Purpose on the Streets

There are many things that plague our community such as crime, violence, murder and more.   This epidemic is stealing the lives of many of our kids, and making so many others live in and fear and without opportunities for their future. 

There is no calvary coming to save us, and if WE want to see something different WE (YOU and I) must do something different.

With that we officially release “Purpose on the Streets” , this initiative aims to put a dent in many of the problems that are literally killing our community and our kids.  This is a coming together of all to save our youth and our future. 

To change the dynamics we must and we will:

  • Provide positive mentorship.
  • Alternative things for youth to do with their time. 
  • Provide alternative means to make immediate legal income.
  • Provide training and long term goals and pathways.
  • Provide non-traditional education.
  • Put a focus on parents and the responsibility that they hold in teaching respect to their kids. 
  • Provide avenues for conflict resolution. 
  • Uniting people in the neighborhoods to get to know each other and work together against the destructive elements. 

We would love to have the city, state, law enforcement etc working with us on this initiative and we welcome their involvement, BUT our focus is on YOU, the individual who lives in and has grown up in these communities that are loosing their love ones.  It’s time for YOU to step up and be a part of the change that we desperately must see.

This plan (that we have seen work) is going to require a lot of real work, man power and some financial resources to see through, but our future is totally dependent on  changing the dynamics. 

If you would like to participate in helping in the execution of changing the dynamics of our communities and creating a better future, then we ask you to actually step up and take action.  

” A Movement For The People, By The People!”  

We are pressing GO, the only question is : “Are you going with us? “