Growing Green Urban Gardening is Expanding!

In alignment with our commitment to serve the needs of our community our “Growing Green” initiative seeks to help the community grow food for themselves.  “Growing Green” has some basic 

  • Educate on the importance of growing your own food
  • Educate on the connection of food and health.  
  • Educate, provide the skills & training to build urban & community gardens. 
  • Provide resources necessary to sub the building of the gardens. 

The New Partners

We are pleased to announce the expansion of “Growing Green” with the addition of 2 key partners for the city of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas; these partners are Scotts Miracle Grow and Councilman LaMont Cole.  Scott’s Miracle Grow adds to our arsenal not only a depth and experience in agriculture and growing but they have also committed to helping supply us with their product to use as the soil for our gardens.   Councilman LaMont Cole has a vision for improving the city of Baton Rouge and the district he was elected to lead, so our partnership with him aligns with helping individuals, and improving the quality of life and conditions of the city;the Growing Green program does just that! 

Moving Forward

We are on task to launch at least 10 new community gardens in the city of Baton Rouge by the end of 2017, and make at least 250 citizens of the city proud new urban gardeners.  You don’t have to have a lot of space to begin the lifestyle of urban gardening, you don’t need to own your own home, you just have to be willing to learn a few basic principles of maintaining and growing. 

As with everything we do as organization, it is a team game,thus you will not be alone in learning and growing.   Once you begin urban or community gardening with THE CEO MIND Foundation you are now part of the “WE”!  WE are here to help you in your efforts.

So reach out and become a part of the Growing Green initiative.  We are looking for :

  • Those who want to grow.
  • Organizations & schools that want to grow.
  • Those who want to teach others to grow.
  • Those who want to see a change in their communities. 
  • Those who want to help feed others in need. 

In addition to individuals we definitely would like to extend our relationships to include such organizations as S.U. & LSU Ag Center, the City of Baton Rouge and any other organizations that have a focus on making the world a better place through food, wellness and agriculture. 

Please feel free to contact us the form on this page.