Grill & Connect Expansion

THE CEO MIND Foundation’s  “Grill & Connect” is a community outreach and empowerment event that is one of the central initiatives for shaping unity and forward progress in our communities.  Grill & Connect centers around the basic principles of engaging with the citizens of the community and providing tangible pathways and solutions through our initiatives and programs and providing outlets into other resources that individuals can use. 

  • Provide Food
  • Provide Empowerment  & Encouragement
  • Open the door for tangible Pathways & Programs
  • Develop ongoing Relationships & Trust. 

“Grill & Connect” brings a diverse number of people who live in the communities out to connect and see what they can do to help change themselves and their community.  

We are in the process of expanding the Grill & Connect model to many neighborhoods in the Baton Rouge area, some of the neighborhoods/areas include:

  • Glen Oaks
  • South Baton Rouge
  • Zion City
  • Scotlandville

We are looking for members of the community to help in these efforts of expansion as they are the beginning of a major paradigm shift in getting citizens to take ownership of moving things forward in their communities and for their futures.  In order to run a Grill & Connect in an area we need 5 volunteers to execute (we will train them on the process.)  If you are interested in helping to change the world by giving a little of of your time we ask that you contact us immediately.

In addition to volunteers and physical presence, we are in need of financial resources to help expand and execute Grill & Connects in new areas.  Each new area for Grill & Connect has an estimated $500.00 startup cost. This cost includes tents, banners and core supplies.   In addition to the startup, it costs us approximately $1.55 to provide a meal for each child.  This includes beef hot dogs, chips, water as well as the supplies necessary for cooking, serving, and distribution(wood coals, napkins, foil, pans,etc)

Some of the things gained by Grill & Connects include:

  • Improves Self-Esteem in the youth 
  • Increases Self Awareness and learning how each person can have impact
  • Strengthens Community Relationships- Neighbors begin to know neighbors
  • Pathways to gain Skills & Knowledge that makes them a better person and more productive citizen.
  • Creates & Maintains community partnerships

Please consider donating your time and financial resources to the Grill & Connect neighborhood expansion.  

Support Unity Thru Grill & Connects